Thursday, July 29, 2010

July 16 - 18. The Journey North Begins

Today at work I finished composing FAQs on legal issues of importance to women in Ghana. The areas covered were domestic violence, marriage, children’s rights, wills, and intestate succession. Hopefully the FAQs will find their way onto the website soon so that visitors to WiLDAF’s website can put the information to use.

With Duncan as companion and chauffeur, Genee and I set off towards Mole National Park in the northwest of the country. We plan to be about 9 days until returning to Accra, meaning that I’ve had to take almost all my vacation time in one block.

Our first night was spent at an Arboretum a little over half way along the road from Accra to Lake Bosumtwi, a swimmable lake just south of Kumasi created by a meteor impact. In the morning we took a short hike through the forest/jungle and then headed off to the lake, where we stayed in a very nice guesthouse with a private beach. All three of us swam without concern for the dreaded bilharzia parasite, which is something I don’t think we could do anywhere else in the country. It was a beautiful spot, surrounded by lush hillside, with fisherman seemingly paddling their one-person boats with dinner plates. (Apparently there’s a taboo on the normal long-tailed, motorized fishing boats because the lake is considered sacred.)

The next day Duncan dropped us off in Kumasi, Ghana’s second largest city, and historical centre of the Ashanti empire. There Genee and I walked through Western Africa’s largest market, purchasing one belt but passing on the live chickens and one cedi (about 75 Canadian cents) used jeans.

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